Who We Are

Newtown Literary is published by Newtown Literary Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping support and promote new and emerging writers living in Queens, NY. Everyone who works on our staff are unpaid volunteers, writers themselves living in Queens.

Tim Fredrick

Associate Editor
Jackie Sherbow

Managing Editor
Diego Velasco

Prose Editor
Joe Okonkwo

Poetry Editor
Stephanie Davis

Assistant Editors
Alexander Radison
Nestor David Pastor

Consulting Editor
Karyn Slutsky

Editorial Board
Gabriel Cabrera
Linda Fisher
John Gorman
Valerie G. Keane
Candice Mays
Justin Muschong
Crystal Rivera
Melanie Sooter
Norman Stock
Rae Winkelstein
Aida Zilelian

Ian MacFarland

Production Editor
Katherine Garrigan

Blog Editor
Laura Grow-Nyberg

Social Media Coordinator
Joe Okonkwo

Outreach Coordinator
Heather Talty

Events Coordinator
Valerie G. Keane

Queens Young Authors and Poets 2016 Coordinator
Dave Byrne

Newtown Literary Alliance, Inc., Nonprofit Board of Directors
Tim Fredrick, President and Treasurer
Karyn Slutsky, Secretary
Aida Zilelian
Richard Jeffrey Newman
Nancy Agabian

The journal is published by Newtown Literary Alliance, Inc..  Contact us through the contact form on this site.

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