Queens Young Authors and Poets 2016Queens Young Authors and Poets 2016 contest

We are currently fundraising for our biennial kids writing contest—the largest of its kind in the borough. There are a lot of great perks you can pick up by donating . . . or just donate and deduct your donation from your federal taxes! You get something. The kids of Queens get a writing contest. Win-win! Donate here.

Find out about the last contest here and here.

About Newtown Literary

Newtown Literary is a semi-annual literary journal published in electronic and paper formats. We look for fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and poetry that go beyond entertainment and storytelling.  The pieces we include for publication have struck us on a deep level.  Pieces that juxtapose humor with grief, tell untold love stories, and replace cliché with innovation are examples of works that will find a home in Newtown Literary.

Newtown, the journal’s namesake, was one of the original towns incorporated into the New York City borough of Queens in 1898. Newtown Literary is dedicated to writers from and writing about Queens, NY and dedicates the journal to these writers and their work. The diversity of Queens is our inspiration and we hope to fill the journal with diverse stories, experiences, and voices.  To read more about Newtown, Queens, visit the Newtown Historical Society.